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Growing blooms and cultivating our  homestead + wild land on the Rouge River in the Brightmoor neighborhood of Detroit.
Brightmoor Flower Farm offers NEW for 2020: FLOWER CAMP, roadside flower stand, weekly open farms and U-Picks's!
As always, bouquet subscription and  professional floral design for any occasion!



9 Thursday 4-7pm
11 Saturday 9-noon
16 Thursday 4-7pm
18 Saturday 9-noon
23 Thursday 4-7pm
25 Saturday 9-noon
We'd love to have you out to the farm!🤠
You'll receive a quick cutting tutorial, a pair of floral cutters and a jar with water to take your flowers home in for just $20. We will also have ready made bouquets for sale as well.



Learn, hands on, how a seed becomes a flower and everything in between!

This class is for ages 6 and up and meets monthly Spring-Summer-Fall 9am-12pm.
April 4: Seed starting, seedling care, best greenhouse practices, seeds to start at home.
May 2: Learning about soil health, compost, transplanting and hardening off.
Making garden planters to take home.
June 6: Feed and tend annuals, identifying perennials, native and invasive species, perennial bouquet instruction including one to take home.
August 1: Instruction on making flower crowns including one to take home
October 3: Garden clean-up and Bouquet instruction including one to take home.
Flower Camp will cover the basics of flower farming, the price for 5 months is $150. Monthly drop-in price is $35. Please email brightmoorflowerfarm@gmail.com with any questions!



Farmer + florist, Lisa has over a decade of professional floral design experience. She's worked in flower shops, big and small, as a floral buyer for a grocery store, on small scale farms and in an organic greenhouse.
"I am color obsessed and love to let each bloom's personality shine through.. I broke free from the flower shop box to honor my creativity, I love whimsy and wild. I practice zero-waste design and am constantly learning new techniques to lessen my environmental impact while  still creating beautiful designs."
Email + Phone below, let's start a customized quote for your big day or next big event!

313 420 8743

Have you signed up for my wreath worksho


Bouquet, flower crown and wreath workshops TBA soon for 2020!



The Rivera Familia

Over five years ago Robert, Lisa and their then one year old daughter, Violet moved from Chicago to Detroit in search of land, freedom and happiness..? Or at least that's what they found and they kind of loved it so they stayed, bought a house and some land, had a baby boy named Arlo, began growing blooms and creating a magical space on the river.
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313 420 8743

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