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Mother's Day Bouquet + Tea Workshop

Bring a friend, your mama or come on your own to experience a beautiful evening under the lights in the Brightmoor Flower Shed designing your own bouquet and sipping delicious 'Bloom Tea"

We will provide the vase, all the tips and tricks for a bountiful bouquet of your very own. Flowers straight from the farm or sourced from other Michigan farms. Absolutely breath taking fresh and fragrant florals like you've never seen! This season is just getting started and we can't wait to share it with you!

We will also be serving a cup of Bloom Tea from the Traveling TeaHouse Apothecary as well as light refreshments. Relax, sip, play with flowers while also perusing Apothecary items (salts, serums, soaks + more) all on a Detroit flower farm.

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