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2022 Bouquet Subscriptions

Happy February!

We had a long and relaxing time off and I’m excited to begin the planning for our 2022 season while we’re hunkered down waiting on the snow!

If you’ve been following along on social media, you may have heard me mention some small shifts in the 2022 season! This year we are flowering more weddings and hosting more events + U-Picks at the farm so our bouquet subscriptions will be LIMITED this year BUT we have more options!💐

We are offering our first ever Spring subscription which starts already in April! That’s so soon🙌

Our bouquet subscriptions are a great way to support your favorite flower farmers at the start of the season with all the seeds, greenhouse and compost costs, think CSA but BLOOMS!🌸🌷🌻 We can’t wait to get started and have you all out to celebrate our sixth season.💐

See you at the farm,

the Rivera Family

#brightmoorflowerfarm #bouqetsubscriptions

Click the link below to order your 2022 Bouquet Subscription!!

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